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        The PWX, PFX serial instrument protection/attermperator is widely applied for the site installation of I&C meters in electricity,chemistry, light industry, to protect the transmitters or keep the suitable temperature inside the box as installations in cold area.
        The PWX, PFX serial instrument protection/attermperator is made of cold rolled plate by welding technology, having a inclined top casing, water-proof slot for door frame, the whole box is designed as water-proof sealed type as IP54.
         The installation plate inside the box can be freely adjusted for the suitable position of transmitter, while the knock-down plate for the inlet pressure pipe is provided at the back or upper part of the box. The inlet cable is provided with bottom type, or if not available, another solution is to use the inlet pressure pipe on the side wall.
         The attemperator is also provided with heater, insulator and temperature controller, also heating indicator, necessary power supply, which can be freely installed at the left or right side of attemperator. The certain number of pressure leading pipe and heating component, power supply are provided.

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